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Name Generator 4000

2007-11-09 12:57:32 by mrazerty

Hi people!
My new project "Name Generator 4000", the sequel to name generator 3000 has now officially started.
In Name Gen. 3000 there were only 6 generators (5 normal + 1 extra for newgrounds).In Name Gen. 4000 I'm trying to aim for 20. However, I'm kinda out of inspiration for the moment, but perhaps you can help me out! Post your suggestions here. If you don't know what exactly a name generator is, take a look at 3000 first. Be creative!!!


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2007-11-09 18:30:04

seems cool


2007-11-10 17:53:16


(Updated ) mrazerty responds:

To Name Gen. 3000? Just click "Flash" on my userpage.


2007-11-14 10:13:21

Sounds good, ill have a look sometime and give a review.


2007-11-21 15:12:07

engrish, Wow speak like owned nub, and stuff like that, um, gay, stamper, clock, thats what I got =P


2007-12-09 18:14:45

Could try:

Jedi Name
Band Name
Detective Name
Iraqi Name (LOLZ)
Your Name in Nazi Germany

All off the top of my head, Ill try to think of more.